About Me:

First of all thanks for your interest in what makes me tick, I hope you like what you read. In all honesty, there really is not much to say, though I do talk all the time in person. I am certifiably crazy, I mean nuts – luckily to date the authorities have not caught up with me and put me away.


I love computers; that is all I do and know. I am been working in the field for over 22 years now (I am 40 years old, so yes my whole Adult life). I eat and breathe computers. I am boring as hell at a party. I can’t discuss politics, religion, current affairs, etc. I think in hex, I tell binary and clustering jokes, I see the world as a bunch of sites yet to be configured. I am pretty much a geek full time. I have been recognized by Microsoft as an MVP in Windows Clustering; I am one of six people in the world to receive this distinction, and I am very proud and thankful to Microsoft for it.


During the business day I am a Principal Computer Scientist working on site at NASAMarshall Space Flight Center (MSFC).  I work in the NASA Data Center (NDC) Architect and Engineers group of IT Security. My focus is on Windows Server 2003 Active Directory services, Clustering technologies, Exchange 2003, SQL 2000, and infrastructure design. I currently hold a Secret Security Clearance, I would tell you more but I would have to kill you.


I truly love my job and what do for NASA; it’s a great place to work. I true geek’s dream come true. Since most of NASA is contract help, I am no different. I get paid by SAIC. They have been an excellent company to work for, top self! Bottom line, if you are a recruiter looking to hire someone, I am not interested – please leave me alone.

In my spare time, I own and run Net Working America, Inc. (www.nw-america.com). I am the President and lead consultant (currently the only one too).  I do lots of technical editing, authoring of books, publications, training courses (including
Microsoft Official Curriculum as a subject matter expert and author), and public speaking.  I have been a Microsoft Certified Trainer for the past 9 years. I just love to speak in public (or even to myself for that matter). I have also been a source of information in many articles written by other authors and has been quoted in the industry press on many different topics regarding IT (basically I will talk to anyone at anytime about computer – I always have something to say).

I am also involved in www.ClusterHelp.com, where I teach, write the labs, and help on the courseware. If you are looking for cluster training, I garentee you won’t find anything half as good.

I have been married over 16 years now with a great, understanding wife (Leslianne) and 4 wonderful children. I have three boys and a girl, Taylor – 12, Tucker – 10, Tia – 6 (Daddy’s little girl), and Tanner – toddler.


I currently live in Huntsville, Alabama. I firmly believe every US citizen should live in the South at some point in their lives. The only problem would be nobody would live in the North. Hey, I am still a damn Yankee; I talk too fast, drive too fast, and think too fast for the folks down here. But don’t get me wrong, while the South is pretty darn neat – I am a Northerner (as anybody from the South will tell you)! My wife never wants to leave, so I am pretty sure we won’t (did you read the recruiters?).


I was born at Henry Ford HospitalDetroit, Michigan. I love Michigan and would live there today if not for my NASA job. I love sports, so my favorite teams are the Detroit Red Wings, The University of Michigan – Wolverines, Detroit Pistons, Detroit Lions, and the Detroit Tigers. Besides computers, I will talk about sports, but only the teams listed above J GO WINGS!!!


Cheers and God Bless You!

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