Small Business Server (SBS) Clustering

I get this question from time to time:

“Does Windows 2003 Small Business Server support clustering and if not would you suggest a 3rd party clustering solution.  The only catch I see is the SBS feature of not letting any other SBS servers in the same domain.”

Let me answer these questions with the facts:

1) You can add servers to an SBS domain. You can’t not add another SBS Domain Controller (though a standard DC can be added), but a server running Exchange or SQL is allowed and works nicely.

2) You can’t have another SBS server into the domain, only one SBS server is supported per domain/tree/forest. It must also own the FSMO roles for the forest.

3) SBS does not support Clustering. Never has and probably never will.

4) I do not know of any third party solutions that would work with SBS and be supported by the vendor or Microsoft.

Yes, oddly enough I am SBS certified (71-282 exam – I was invited to take the beta exam and passed.

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