Installing a new SQL instance into an existing cluster on a new Node

We added a node to one of our clusters. We confirmed that the hardware, firmware, bios, OS, and installed programs were exactly alike. The new machine joined the cluster like a champ, no issues.

When I went to install SQL and create a new instance, I was hit with this error:

The cluster resource failed to come online. If extended error information was reported by the clustering service it can be obtained from the event log.

It turns out this is a known issue. From;en-us;815431 “To run SQL Server on Windows Server 2003, you must have SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3 (SP3) installed. Windows Server 2003 blocks TCP/IP functionality for named instances that are not running SQL Server 2000 SP3 or later. “

This will only happen when a named instance is added to a new cluster node.

The fix is really easy, follow the articles steps to install the client utilities and create a SQL Service Alias in the SQL Server Client Network Utility .

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