My Tech Ed 2006 – Boston Sessions…

Ten Reasons Why you need Windows Server 2003 R2 Today Windows Server 2003 R2 is out. You have heard a few things about it, but do you need it? Should you install R2 on every server in your environment? Will your Domain Controllers benefit from installing it? How about your Print Servers? During this detailed session we will dive deep into the world of R2. We will explore 10 or more compelling reasons to deploy R2, but this session is more then just that. We will explain the reasons why and how you will benefit from deploying R2 TODAY.


The Best of the Best Practices for Microsoft Clustering, and a few you haven’t heard of but should So, you have a Microsoft Cluster do you? Did you install it or just inherit it? Ever wonder if your cluster is running with best practices in mind? What RAID configuration should my Quorum be on? Where should I put the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC)? Should I run Active/Active? All of these questions will be fully answered and more. This session is for anyone that works on clusters, support clusters, or might deploy a cluster. Many best practices (BPs) are either not known or followed by organizations today. After this session you will be educated on dozens of BPs and when/if you should follow them.

I hope to meet some of you this year. So come on out and enjoy! See you in Boston!


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  1. Any chance you could post more information from both of your cluster presnetations?  I was unable to attend TechEd, but would love to get more information from your session!!  Anyway to get a copy of the info?  Was it recorded and available on the DVD we can order?


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