Shrink your VMWare, Virtual Server or Virtual PC Virtual Machines (VMs) images

Once in awhile I use a product and like it enough to tell the world. has created one – Invirtus VM Optimizer 2.5.

This product is simply amazing. I bring a Virtual Server 2005 R2 Virtual Machine Domain Controller to my classes. Before using this product it was almost 16 GB, after it was "Optimized" it was almost 50% of the size and it was indeed faster, just like the marketing says it should be. Funny that, marketing that works.

I sent them an email and told them how much I love the product. They have a referral program and I signed up for it (they give away a free t-shirts for referrals, yeah), but you the reader of my blog can use this discount code to save on this wonderful product – RF09A30 will give you a 30% discount! Nice 30% off.

That about sums it up, great product, works as advertised. Remember to use Discount Code RF09A30 for a 30% discount.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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