How to panic a Geek!

Just a normal day, open a browser hoping to see my default web page (Google) and I got this:

Google Error

Oh crap, my heart came out of my chest. Could Google actually be down? What will I do? What is the URL to that Microsoft search engine again? Yahoo? I can't think, I need, no I require Google. 15-50 times a day. HELP! Who can I call? I know, I will IM my entire list and see if Google is really down! No wait, that is probably not a good idea. OK, I will just IM Russ and he will tell me if I am sane or not. Hmm, Russ says "that can't be good". Then, "I have been using Google all day". Wait, let me try again. Crap, same thing. How about a third time – BAM its working again.

If anyone from Google reads this, don't ever do that again. It was not funny. Not in the least.


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