I have been tagged…

Last month Ben Curry tagged me and I thought it was a pretty cool idea, so here goes…

 5 Things you don’t know about me.

1) I have one leg longer then the other by 1/4 inch. When I was a kid the doctors told me I would never play professional sports (and they were right).

2) I play Frisbee and Hockey left handed, all others sports I play right handed (if you can call my golf game a sport).

3) I just got an Xbox 360 Live (my tag is Enduroman) and I love it. I am addicted, what a great waste of time!

4) I love the Theater. So much so that I travel to NYC 3-5 times a year to see plays. If its a popular show I have probably seen it.

5) I am huge Satellite fan. I have a GPS, Sirius satellite radios, and DirecTV. I love those toys!

 Ok, in keeping with how this works I tag Bharat Suneja, Evan Dodds, and Jim McBee.

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