Microsoft has pulled all Pre Windows Server 2003 (R2) SP2 patches off the web

Install a new machine today. Install R2. Run Windows/Microsoft Update. Notice that the list is very short.

  • Internet Explorer 7

  • Service Pack 2

  • Malicious Software Update Tool

Dang, that is a serious move. If you want the DST patch, you will have to install SP2 on a new machine. Since all post SP1 patches are in SP2, they have been pulled.

 Bold move!

6 thoughts on “Microsoft has pulled all Pre Windows Server 2003 (R2) SP2 patches off the web

  1. Uh no.

    Untick the SP2, say remind me later and get pre sp2 patches.

    Not a bold move… we just don’t know how to MU 🙂

  2. With all the problems that have been coming Microsoft Windows, why are people still staying loyal to them. Take the popularity of Vista. Why is it one of the hottest new things out there? It brand new and not fully tested. Just like every other version of Windows that has come out, the first version is always full of bugs. I know at least 6 people that had it crash their computer because of a bug in the coding. I think I am going ot at least wait a full year before I think about moving on to Vista. Just like any of Microsofts programs. There are bound to be bugs in the system. Lets us not forget WindowsME or even WindowsXP. So people have the nerve to be surprised that they have a problem with patches. Why? If we look back on their history, I do not know how we can be surprised.

  3. The usual problem that I noticed about Microsoft is that they release and release lots of stuff without double checking the quality of their products or services. Although it’s good that something new has been released but what good will it give if it will ruin everything that we’re used to. I wish Microsoft will be stricter in their quality control; after all, the tech world is not just about developing new tool it’s also about usability or service to the consumers.

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