Your Cluster won’t start and you can’t get into Cluster Administrator

Don’t panic, but you do have a problem. You look under Services and the Cluster service is running on the nodes. Open Cluster Administrator from one of the nodes, but don’t use the name of the cluster, the node name or an IP address, use a period (.). This will open it using a Local Procedure Call (LPC) and not a Remote Procedure Call (RPC). See Cluster Administrator Switches for Connecting to a Cluster for complete switch details.

Now with Cluster Administrator open, expand the Cluster group and attempt to start any failed resources. Whatever keeps failing should give a clue as to what is broken, disk, IP, network name, etc.

16 thoughts on “Your Cluster won’t start and you can’t get into Cluster Administrator

  1. i tried this but it still does not work. 2 nodes won’t start it’s cluster services. the last time i restarted i waited at least 7 hours then cluster services just started. help pls. anyone out there. thanks!

  2. Wow, you are a life saver.
    We had made our cluster service unavailable, and couldn’t get back in.

    Thanks for the tip!

  3. We’ve been fighting our cluster for 3 hours and ended up in the situation above.

    Thank You. You just saved all our hides. We had a call into MS because nothing was coming up. We now have at least one node up. The other still needs fixing.

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