15 Rules of IT

1) If a computer or system is working on Monday, something has gone wrong and you just don’t know about it. 2) When you don’t know what you’re doing, document it. 3) Computer errors must be reproduce-able, they should fail the same way each time. 4) First call tech support, then panic. 5) Experience is directly proportional to the number of systems/computers ruined. 6) Always keep a backup of your data, and hope everyone else does the same. 7) To write a program really well, have your wife/husband/Mother/Father test it. 8) If you can’t get the system to match the … Continue reading 15 Rules of IT

Tech Ed 2007 – Orlando – notes from the field

Its that time of year again. The masses gather to learn from the best, talk to the experts, network with others. This year I am not only speaking at the conference, I am also helping at the TCL Yellow Section – Windows Server 2008 Failover Clustering POD. Here is a sample of what people want to know: Q.  Can I upgrade from Windows Server 2003 to 2008? A. NO! Migration is the only and best way to go.   Q. Will Exchange Server 2007 run on Windows Server 2008 Beta 3? A. Exchange Server 2007 does not run on the … Continue reading Tech Ed 2007 – Orlando – notes from the field