Tech Ed 2007 – Orlando – notes from the field

Its that time of year again. The masses gather to learn from the best, talk to the experts, network with others. This year I am not only speaking at the conference, I am also helping at the TCL Yellow Section – Windows Server 2008 Failover Clustering POD. Here is a sample of what people want to know:

Q.  Can I upgrade from Windows Server 2003 to 2008?

A. NO! Migration is the only and best way to go.


Q. Will Exchange Server 2007 run on Windows Server 2008 Beta 3?

A. Exchange Server 2007 does not run on the Beta of Windows Server 2008. Exchange will run on Windows Server 2003 and the final (RTM) copy of Windows Server 2008.


Q. Can I cluster Virtual Machines running Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2?

A. Yes you can!


Q. What is really new about Failover Clustering in Windows Server 2008?

A. Great question, here is some highlights:

  • No service account – now uses a local system account

  • No support for Parallel Attached SCSI (PAS), this allows for better hardware control and failover

  • 16 nodes if you use a 64-bit edition of Windows Server 2008

  • Support for GPT disks, yes larger than 2TB disks are now supported natively

  • Validate – ensure your systems are cluster ready and help you follow best practices

  • 4 Quorum models, no more single point of failure for the quorum

    • Majority quorum model

    • Majority of Nodes

    • Witness disk

    • File Share Witness

  • Improved IPSec, no more 7 minute timeout when failed over!

  • Stretched clusters can have nodes in different network segments with various speeds

  • Cluster Migration Tool – to help you migrate 🙂

  • MMC 3.0 snap-in, no longer a seperate application

  • Setup/install 2003 was 23 steps, now 3 steps. Yes I said 3 steps

8 thoughts on “Tech Ed 2007 – Orlando – notes from the field

  1. Will I be able to Cluster Servers on Windows 2008 using VMware, were the VM is not hosted on the ESX server. I know you can do it, but will it be supported By Microsoft?

  2. Why do I hear different things about Exch2007 from different folks? I’ve read numerous times that Exch2007 will only be supported on Server2008 when SP1 comes out. Did you just forget to mention that? or are you saying that it will be supported even w/o SP1?

  3. I can’t begin to guess Microsoft’s support stance for Windows Server 2008 and Vmware ESX, since 2008 will have a very rich Virtual environment builtin.

  4. I did not mention if you need a service pack(nor what version 1, 2, 3) to run Exchange Server 2007 on the RTM version of Windows Server 2008 because I simply don’t know.

    What I do know is this, Exchange Server 2007 will run on Windows Server 2008 RTM. What will you have to do to get it up and running? No clue, but it will be a supported configuration.

  5. Rodney,

    Are you serious.. no in place upgrade from 2003 to 2008 ? OUCH ! That will leave a mark ! (double hardware to migrate !)

    Bad enough Exchange 2007 is 64bit only… 🙁

    Hey whats your favorite cigar anyway ? I’m a big fan of Torano ! Though its almost worth traveling to the carribean to smoke a few Cuban Romeo’s !!! FANTASTICO !

    good blog btw !

  6. Most 2003 clusters are 32 bit, I would hope all 2008 clusters will be 64 bit. I don’t see the lack of an upgrade as a big deal.

    I love Partagas Cuban (Serie D & P) cigars. My favorite non-Cuban is the Partagas 160. I smoke one right after my session at Tech Ed. CAO makes wonderful cigars, they are second place. Third is a toss up between Padron, H. Upmann (Cuban and Dominican), Torano Virtuso and Rockey Patel Vintage.

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