Exchange Server 2007 & CluAdmin/Cluster.exe Bad Things can Happen?

My good buddy Scott Schnoll attempts to clear up some confusion on when and where to use Cluster.exe/CluAdmin to move a CMS. Find his post here:

Here is the comment I left: 

The samples you sited are for creating or managing a cluster, none of them are for moving a CMS.

Using CluAdmin/Cluster.exe vs. EMC/EMS with SP1 require different security levels by default and may not be the same individual. Now we will have to give Cluster Administrator Exchagne rights to avoid “Bad things Happening”…

Thankfully SQL and other Microsoft produts don’t have an issue with CluAdmin/Cluster.exe. Nor do they have any other way to manage them, K.I.S.S. in action.

Thanks for the post Scott!

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