Exchange Server 2007 MCP Exams – Notes from the field

I love taking Microsoft exams because I learn so much. I learn what Microsoft feels are the important product features that everyone show know. I learn different ways to do common tasks within the product, let’s face it sometime we only know as much as our peers. I also learn exactly where I stand on the product, and what I really need to work on. As I get older though I am either getting smarter or lazier, take your pick. I simply don’t study for the exams anymore. Sorry, but I don’t. I take the exam to learn the question … Continue reading Exchange Server 2007 MCP Exams – Notes from the field

ClusterHelp dates for 2008 and Copenhagen update

Russ and I will be in Copenhagen, Denmark September 3-6, 2007 (yes just a week away) and we still have a few spots open in the course. If you would like to attend use the link the left (under ClusterHelp). I am really looking forward to it. Russ will be lecturing and I will assist in the labs, thus both of us supporting what we wrote 🙂 If you can’t make Denmark, we have courses in NYC scheduled through 2008 now, just added today: Jan. 21-24, 2008 May 12-15, 2008 Oct 13-16, 2008 Come on out and enjoy one of … Continue reading ClusterHelp dates for 2008 and Copenhagen update

A few tips for Exchange Server 2007 SCC & CCR clustered installations

Have you tried to install Exchange Server 2007 yet? Clustering is different. First of all Exchange Virtual Servers (EVS) are gone, replaced with Clustered Mailbox Server (CMS). You now have two options for clustering, Single Copy Cluster (meaning one CMS per server really) and it is not the default installation. The default is now Continuous Cluster Replication (CCR) which is something new to Exchange Server 2007, You still install and configure clustering first, then install Exchange. But passive and active nodes are supposed to be handled differently now. And active/active clustering is simply not allowed anymore [:D]  I would use setup.exe … Continue reading A few tips for Exchange Server 2007 SCC & CCR clustered installations

15 Rules of IT

1) If a computer or system is working on Monday, something has gone wrong and you just don’t know about it. 2) When you don’t know what you’re doing, document it. 3) Computer errors must be reproduce-able, they should fail the same way each time. 4) First call tech support, then panic. 5) Experience is directly proportional to the number of systems/computers ruined. 6) Always keep a backup of your data, and hope everyone else does the same. 7) To write a program really well, have your wife/husband/Mother/Father test it. 8) If you can’t get the system to match the … Continue reading 15 Rules of IT

Tech Ed 2007 – Orlando – notes from the field

Its that time of year again. The masses gather to learn from the best, talk to the experts, network with others. This year I am not only speaking at the conference, I am also helping at the TCL Yellow Section – Windows Server 2008 Failover Clustering POD. Here is a sample of what people want to know: Q.  Can I upgrade from Windows Server 2003 to 2008? A. NO! Migration is the only and best way to go.   Q. Will Exchange Server 2007 run on Windows Server 2008 Beta 3? A. Exchange Server 2007 does not run on the … Continue reading Tech Ed 2007 – Orlando – notes from the field

Cluster Validation in Windows Server "Longhorn" – by Jim Teague

This session was great today and will be available online – the event code is 1032336489.  Here are the Q&A that may not be part of the rebroadcast: Question: Will Longhorn Cluster Validation include any application-specific best practice guidelines (i.e. Exchange)?Answer: The Longhorn Validation tool will test the core cluster requirements, there are tools available to test individual applications. Such as the Exchange Best Practice analyzer. In future releases we may make Validate extendable to include application plug-in’sQuestion: what are the boundaries / limits for the network and disk I/O latencies?Answer: If networking exceeds 500 ms or if I/O latency exceeds … Continue reading Cluster Validation in Windows Server "Longhorn" – by Jim Teague

Dell PowerEdge 2850 Hardware issues

Dell we have a problem. It has come to my attention that ALL DELL PE2850’s have a hardware issue. It seems the dudes at Dell really messed up some firmware updates. If you are not running BIOS A06 and BMC 1.68 or higher download Dell’s Server Update Utility 5.1.1. ( or later (I have only tested 5.1.1 though). Get 5.2 here So what happens if you are running the bad version? CPU IERR EO7F0 on every CPU in the machine at the same time. And then you get the famous Dell amber flashing light. Every OS locks up without processors, … Continue reading Dell PowerEdge 2850 Hardware issues

Windows Server Codename "Longhorn" Beta 3 is out

But if you want to test failover clustering…. Standard SCSI based clustering will no longer work (yes I tested it, no go).  Rocket Division StarWind will be the product you want to use to test Failover Clustering. You will have to wait until the June 2007 time frame while they make it work with Beta 3. FalconStor iSCSI Storage Server I am not sure when they will support it. Microsoft bought StringBean ( which has a great WinTarget program. The program is now part of Windows Unified Data Storage Server and it called Microsoft iSCSI Software Target. That one works today, if … Continue reading Windows Server Codename "Longhorn" Beta 3 is out