Windows Server 2008 Failover Clustering Microsoft Official Curriculum is out!!!!

The Windows Server Failover Clustering Product Group is proud to announce the release of the first ever Windows Server 2008 Microsoft Official Curriculum course Course 6423A: Implementing and Managing Windows Server 2008 Clustering   The course will be available in the channel May 15th, 2008.   Special thanks go to the following to make this happen:  Elden Christensen Ahmed Bisht Chuck Timon Mike Briggs   I have seen it, excellent work gang, this is truly an exciting day for Failover Clustering!!!    

New Clustering Blog from Microsoft

Ok, it is not new, but now it gets new posts weekly.  They even mentioned this blog today Look to it for tons of great information.

How to migrate (not upgrade) from Windows Server 2003 Server Clustering to Windows Server 2008 Failover Clustering

The 2008 articles are just starting to hit the web. This one deals with migration, not upgrading. You can’t upgrade to 2008 Failover Clustering. I am actually glad you can’t upgrade, I really don’t like that word.  Here is the article:

114 Days until Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008…

Are you ready for another OS version? February 27th, 2008 is the public launch date. Microsoft has a Vista sidebar gadget to help you remember the date – They seem to love this date, the end of February as they have done it before. Could it be they know by wives birthday is Feb 28? Free E-Learning for 2008 – (requires Microsoft Passport login to get the free stuff). Links to everything: Nice overview: 2008 Learning Portal: Clustering: File Server Clustering: Print Server Clustering: NLB:  I love new OS releases and 2008 looks to be an excellent one!  

Exchange Server 2007 & CluAdmin/Cluster.exe Bad Things can Happen?

My good buddy Scott Schnoll attempts to clear up some confusion on when and where to use Cluster.exe/CluAdmin to move a CMS. Find his post here: Here is the comment I left:  The samples you sited are for creating or managing a cluster, none of them are for moving a CMS. Using CluAdmin/Cluster.exe vs. EMC/EMS with SP1 require different security levels by default and may not be the same individual. Now we will have to give Cluster Administrator Exchagne rights to avoid “Bad things Happening”… Thankfully SQL and other Microsoft produts don’t have an issue with CluAdmin/Cluster.exe. Nor do … Continue reading Exchange Server 2007 & CluAdmin/Cluster.exe Bad Things can Happen?

Exchange Server 2007 SCC/CCR lessons learned

This past weekend I ran into a few issues with Exchange Server 2007 and wanted to share, so anyone with them won’t have to call Microsoft PSS and go through the fun (ok, not really fun…) that I went through. Partition in Time with CCRYou have a partition in time, but what does that mean. You lost a node or the witness, and while that was happening the remaining node/witness thought a change was made. When the down node/witness came back it detected that a change has occurred and killed the entire cluster. This is by design. Now, how do … Continue reading Exchange Server 2007 SCC/CCR lessons learned

Observations about the software industry today

Sometimes I think that the movie Conspiracy Theory should have been about the software industry today. What has become of it lately? Here is what I believe: ·         I believe the Anti-Virus companies write all the viruses. ·         I believe most software is way over priced. ·         I believe we now alpha test software for vendors ·         I believe we beta test when service pack 1 comes out. ·         I believe 1.0 is not the standard to avoid, RTM (release to manufacturing/gold code) is. ·         I believe we get the final, ready for the world product when service pack 2 … Continue reading Observations about the software industry today

Exchange Server 2007 MCP Exams – Notes from the field

I love taking Microsoft exams because I learn so much. I learn what Microsoft feels are the important product features that everyone show know. I learn different ways to do common tasks within the product, let’s face it sometime we only know as much as our peers. I also learn exactly where I stand on the product, and what I really need to work on. As I get older though I am either getting smarter or lazier, take your pick. I simply don’t study for the exams anymore. Sorry, but I don’t. I take the exam to learn the question … Continue reading Exchange Server 2007 MCP Exams – Notes from the field

ClusterHelp dates for 2008 and Copenhagen update

Russ and I will be in Copenhagen, Denmark September 3-6, 2007 (yes just a week away) and we still have a few spots open in the course. If you would like to attend use the link the left (under ClusterHelp). I am really looking forward to it. Russ will be lecturing and I will assist in the labs, thus both of us supporting what we wrote 🙂 If you can’t make Denmark, we have courses in NYC scheduled through 2008 now, just added today: Jan. 21-24, 2008 May 12-15, 2008 Oct 13-16, 2008 Come on out and enjoy one of … Continue reading ClusterHelp dates for 2008 and Copenhagen update

A few tips for Exchange Server 2007 SCC & CCR clustered installations

Have you tried to install Exchange Server 2007 yet? Clustering is different. First of all Exchange Virtual Servers (EVS) are gone, replaced with Clustered Mailbox Server (CMS). You now have two options for clustering, Single Copy Cluster (meaning one CMS per server really) and it is not the default installation. The default is now Continuous Cluster Replication (CCR) which is something new to Exchange Server 2007, You still install and configure clustering first, then install Exchange. But passive and active nodes are supposed to be handled differently now. And active/active clustering is simply not allowed anymore [:D]  I would use setup.exe … Continue reading A few tips for Exchange Server 2007 SCC & CCR clustered installations