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The C# team at Microsoft has started a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) blog where they answer some interesting topics.  Definitely a good read for C# developers.  I’ve found it interesting to see the reasoning behind some of the descriptions made in the C# language.


One thought on “C# Team FAQ Blog

  1. I am trying to send a 6 byte char array from the serial port in new C# 2005


    com.Write(new string(new char[] { (char)34, (char)14, (char)192, (char)51,

    (char)0, (char)0 }, 0, 6));

    I am receiving 34,14,63,51,0,0 from the port as I connected Tx and Rx pins

    to each other by using the following code:

    private void com_DataReceived(object sender, SerialDataReceivedEventArgs e)


    bytes = com.BytesToRead;

    if (bytes >= 6)

    com.Read(buffer, 0, bytes);


    The hard thing to understand is: in this array if I replace 192 with 127 or

    any number below I get the array back as it is. Any number above 127 is

    received as 63.

    Any ideas about the underlying reasons for this?

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