TechEd Photos

Here are some of my first photos to come out of TechEd. We’re having a great time up here! Chillin’ with the hosts of .NET Rocks!Carl Franklin and Rory Blyth Hang’in w/ Anders HejlsbergAnders Hejlsberg is the creator of Turbo Pascal, Borland’s Delphi, and C#. … Wow. The San Diego CA convention center. It is big. Really big. Notice even the bus is branded. Miles Overn tries to explain that there are more than five developers in Canada to a confused Noah.Miles is a seven year ADO.NET MVP (wow) and a great new friend from British Columbia. Ben & Jerry … Continue reading TechEd Photos

Visual Studio Team System is a Go!

Just announced to the world here at TechEd is the new Visual Studio 2005 Team System for lifecycle management! Team ProductivityIn the past, Microsoft has focused on making the individual developer more productive with better focussed tools like improving Visual Studio, languages, etc. Team System expands that productivity to the entire development team including managers, developers, testers, and architects. FeaturesSome of the features included unit testing, profiling, overview management, source control, automatic class diagrams, web load testing, bug tracking, task managing, data mining, infrastructure validation, and much more. All integrated into VS 2005 and using common office applications like Excel … Continue reading Visual Studio Team System is a Go!

TechEd MVP Joke

I’m up here at the conference and this joke gets out… Okay, so we’re MVPs right? So… we have MVPness… Then someone else points out that we’re also under Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA), so we also have NDAness. (hint, say them out loud a few times. 😉 <lol>!

TechEd Has Begun

TechEd 2004 has begun here in beautiful San Diego CA! Today, Sunday, are preliminary events and I am currently sitting in on an INETA meeting for interest group leaders, community leaders, and MVPs. There have been great presentations from committees, Microsoft, and sponsors. Funny Note On a funny side, I’ve learned a new term… taking a “biology break”, or even a “biobreak”. 🙂 Resources Here are some of the great resources that have already been presented. Most of these companies have given their tools to the attendees. Thanks! InfragisticsPowerful Presentation Layer (GUI) Controls for WinForms, ASP.NET, and more! This is … Continue reading TechEd Has Begun

Programming Practices Policy v3.0 Released

Now available is a new version of the synopsis of C# coding practices that are being used by the majority of MVPs, professional C# coders, and my associates. These practices are being used by the development community and this is an abbreviation that I have assembled for colleagues. Programming Practice Policy.pdf v3.0

Moving Away from Word Based Blogs

The Old Well after much work with trying to get nice looking code from Word by copying and pasting, even with the steps mentioned in my previous blog, I’m headed to other methods. Word creates bloated xHTML that is quite messy, it works, impressively well, but creates blog entries that are just way too large. I can’t validate my RSS feed because just the few early posts I made are over the 200k limit of the feed validator mentioned below. The New So I’m going to trying a new approach till I can find a way to create elegantly colored … Continue reading Moving Away from Word Based Blogs