TechEd Photos

Here are some of my first photos to come out of TechEd. We’re having a great time up here!

Chillin’ with the hosts of .NET Rocks!
Carl Franklin and Rory Blyth

Hang’in w/ Anders Hejlsberg
Anders Hejlsberg is the creator of Turbo Pascal, Borland’s Delphi, and C#. … Wow.

The San Diego CA convention center. It is big. Really big. Notice even the bus is branded.

Miles Overn tries to explain that there are more than five developers in Canada to a confused Noah.
Miles is a seven year ADO.NET MVP (wow) and a great new friend from British Columbia.

Ben & Jerry (and me)
Ben & Jerry are kewl MVP program dudes keeping it real
and holding it down at the MVP booth on the Microsoft pavilion.

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