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News/Blog Reading
RSS Bandit is a great aggregate news reader. It is writting entirely in C#, is easy to use, works like a charm, and is even open source so you can see how various components have been implemented. To add feeds, just right-click in IE on an XML or RSS icon in the blog (or the RSS links below) and choose “Subscribe in default aggregator”.

Favorite Bloggars (To Date)
Here is a list of the blogs I am currently subscribed to. As my list is modified over time I’ll repost this list of active bloggers. These are really great posters!

Jeffery Palermo RSS ASP.NET Dude
Cyrus’ Blather RSS VS IDE Team
Ted Neward RSS .NET & Java Author
Jean-Luc David RSS .NET MVP & Author
Erik Porter RSS .NET MVP
Eric Gunnerson RSS C# Team
Duncan Mackenzie RSS C# Team
C# Frequently Asked Questions RSS C# Team
Visual Studio 2005 Team System RSS Official VS TS News

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