.Text Upgrade on MVP Site

Susan Bradley just updated (6/11/04) msmvps.com to .Text v0.95.2004.102. We’re still working out the kinks, but it is coming along!

So if your agregate news reader shows double post entries (like my RSS Bandit), you know why. If you’re using RSS Bandit, just follow these steps to restore normality.

  1. Close RSS Bandit
  2. Edit “C:\Documents and Settings\[UserName]\Application Data\RssBandit\feedlist.xml”
  3. Search for “msmvps.com/coad”
  4. Delete all elements inside of the “stories-recently-viewed” element.
  5. Delete the Cache\msmvps.com* (or Cache\www.msmvps.com*) files.
  6. Load RSS Bandit, it will automatically download and recache the posts.

One thought on “.Text Upgrade on MVP Site

  1. Right. But this way you will also loose your posts history.

    I think, with the "delete individual posts per feed" feature planned for the next major release of Bandit it should be much easier to handle such tasks.

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