Back from the Void

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve dropped out of the blogging scene lately, just so much going on! This doesn’t mean I’ve stopped thinking of blog topics, in fact, I have quite an extensive list of subjects to write on. Well this post is a good indicator that… I’m back! 🙂

Life @ Microsoft
These past four months I’ve been working as a Program Manager (okay, see if you can follow this) on Process Guidance Integration, within Enterprise Development and Test (eDT), within Visual Studio Team System (VSTS), within Visual Studio, within Developer Division, within Server Platforms and Tools, within Microsoft. It has been intense, no doubt about that, but a great challenge. It has been a priviledge to get to work with such dynamic people. There is a large learning curve to ramp up on the lingo, culture, and process which is known as ‘Microsoft’.

The Tides are Turning
Well those first few months definately swampped me, obviously with friends asking me if I’d dropped off the edge of the Earth from my lack of blogging. My appartment at Jefferson @ Marymoor has been in boxes (~60) until just recently. It is a slow process getting familar with a new area and unpacking an appartment when all you want to do after work is watch some X-Files or Stargate (from Netflix) and get to sleep.

Those that know me back in college, know that I’m a real hands-on (coding, electronics, women, etc) kind of guy, but first like to have my “environment” set up. Well it’s starting to happen! Slowly up to now, but it’s ramping up. The fact of this blog article was written is a good sign. The office/server farm/guest room/electronics lab/music studio room is coming together nicely. The living room is full of boxes, but it is dwindling (slowly). Due to the high cost of living up here, college loans & credit card, and misc expenses, it may be quite a while before the living room looks at all like a living room (w/ couch, TV, coffe table, etc).

I miss coding. Being a PM is great, but I do miss tweaking the code, discovering new libraries, talking shop, yes, even hunting bugs. I plan on continuing some personal projects, but there has just been so much more going on that needs to be taken care of first (aka “higher priority”).

Getting Back in the Groove
So now that I’m feeling more comfortable at work, I’m becoming inspired to get my domain set back up so I can resume my passions here at “home”. My #1 passion isn’t avalible :(, but will be in April. 🙂 So I’m making the best that I can without her. There’s a long list of topics I’d like to blog on, and it may be slow at first, but I do look forward to getting back in the game.

Right now I’ll stay with my current blog address since I can make changes to the skins and such and won’t let me. So keep on the lookout for good technical content to follow!

4 thoughts on “Back from the Void

  1. Welcome back. My feed reader has been patiently poling your site every day during your absence.

    Speaking of which… Microsoft is planning on including site syndication subscription (RSS, RDF, etc) in it’s next version of Outlook & Outlook Express, right? I mean, right?

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