Engaged to an Angel

The Proposal
On July 23rd, I proposed to the most wonderful young lady I’ve ever met … and she agreed to marry me! My fiance, Dawn Heussner, and I have been dating for over three years now and I just can’t imagine my life going on without her. She has been a blessing, an inspiration, and a great comfort. I really look forward to having her with me all the time!!

The Plan
So we’re getting married in April!! Then my precious will be with me, permenantly. She’s still in Texas teaching orchestra at two middle schools while I’m up in Seattle working for the Man. We try to visit eachother every two or three weeks, which gets expensive when you’re trying to save for a wedding.

The Pictures
Here are a few pics from a recent wedding we were part of. Awww, don’t we look great together!? 🙂

12 thoughts on “Engaged to an Angel

  1. I am the luckiest woman in the world to be engaged to such a talented, loving, inteligent, and caring individual such as my Noah. When he asked me to marry him, I did not have to hesitate even one moment! I knew that we were made to be together. We compliment each others lives so perfectly, it could not be any other way. Noah is my loving counterpoint and partner to be in life. I love you sweetheart!

    Your fiance – Dawn Melody

  2. What a beautiful couple, inside and out! I am looking forward to having such a wonderful daughter-in-law. We are so blessed that you have found each other. Welcome to the family, Dawn!

  3. Dawn wish you luck.

    Hope all goes Good.

    Noah looks 20? Well Dawn I know you well hope all goes veary well for you.

  4. What pure sweetness you two are together! You both look ever so handsome. Noah, my dearest brother, I am so happy for you and thank you for picking out such a great gal to be my sister. I love you both! Congratulations!!!

  5. Mrs. Heussner Congratulations!!! or should I say Mrs. (insert last name) (sorry i dont know your new last name).Crystal and I miss you alot!!! Hope you have an awesome time with your husband!!!!

    Please come back to visit someday!! we all want you to!

    love, Cassy!! the only viola!!!!


  6. MRS.(insert last name) we miss you so much down here. Im glad that you found someone to love you as much as Noah does. Well i hope you enjoy your new life with Noah. We miss you tons.


    Crystal Gutierrez

    p.s. if u can please email me at: monkiesrock1990@yahoo.com

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