Fun Weekend

This was a fun weekend w/ my fiance, Dawn, visiting from Texas! Here is a recap I wrote for a friend in an e-mail…

Yeah, I had a great weekend. The Highlights:

  • Dawn was in town!! She was visiting all weekend, whoop! This is what gave me inspiration for everything else this weekend.
  • Wrote three kick-ass little C# apps, each within two dozen lines of code.
    – AnagramGetter solves anagram puzzles using a website and using multithreading from the ThreadPool.
    – ClearTextSelection, with a single keystroke, removes the annoying text formatting that occurs when trying to copy and paste.
    – ExportTasks prints a list (like a directory) of the tasks in Outlook. This allows me to send certain lists to people in e-mail (or the web, etc).
  • Worked on solving puzzles for prizes for an internal MS MVP advertising campaign. Solved several, well Dawn did, and got more points towards prizes.
  • Assembled my Darth Vader Legos, then added some of my own electronics to make Vader’s eyes actually glow (w/ super-mini LEDs).
  • Saw a fantastic, side splitting funny performance by the MS Theater group, a sci-fi Shakespearian 50s-60s rock musical comedy, call Return to Forbidden Planet.
  • Partied w/ Vito Sabella at his pad w/ over a dozen other, relatively new, msftes (Microsoft Full-Time Employees).
  • Saw The Incredible cartoon (w/ Vito), oh that was funny and entertaining! 🙂
  • Oh yeah, and did I mention that Dawn was w/ me?? Yeah, that was the best part. 😉

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