Lego PDA Digital Photo Frame

One of the little gadgets I’ve wanted ever since getting a digital camera is an LCD Digital Photo Display. This is a unit that sits on the desk and cycles through photos. They typically cost a pretty penny, so using my PDA as the display unit, I built a little adjustable stand out of spare Legos to make my own! The gear on the back adjusts the display angle. The HP comes with photo viewing software that runs a slideshow of pics of my fiance. 🙂

The stand holds the PDA on its side at a good viewing angle.

The gear knob adjusts the viewing angle. These are Technic Legos.

Other Digital Photo Frames

There is a unit I have my eye on, a Ziga 5.6 LCD display. It has a remote control, accepts most medica cards, and can play movies & MP3s. I want this for my office to see 1,000s of my digial pics, save space, look elegant, watch video clips, and listen to music all in one unit.

A relative of mine recommended the Ceiva Digital Photo Reciever (5″x7″ LCD) which you just plug power & a phone line into and it will automatically dial a toll-free number and download your pictures from a website each night. This is a great solution for family (his family uses several); just give the Parents/Grandparents the picture frame and when you post a new pic, they’ll get it automatically. If several family members use the unit, everyone can see the same pics. The unit is $150 w/ $100/year subscription charge. We plan on trying it out and will post on how it turns out.

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