Bubble Tea

My new favorite treat! Bubble tea is a tasty flavored drink with tapioca pearls in it. Also known as Pearl Tea, the drink comes in a flavored ice slush, milk shake, or tea form, but what really makes it is the squishy tapioca balls! At first glance, it may look strange since the tapioca is colored black (I think so you can see it since all my tapioca is opaque white to clear), and it looks funny going up the thick straw, but it is fun. 🙂

The best bubble tea in Seattle I’ve found is at Yunnie Bubble Tea (university district). The first good place I found was at Oasis Tea Zone (China Town), but Yunnie’s tapioca is chewier. The only bubble tea in Redmond that I’ve found so far is at Jade Dragon, but they use nasty frozen tapioca and the flavors are very limited. If you know of any others in Redmond, please let me know! Even in my home town of College Station, Texas, a great new bubble tea shop just opened up, Cafe Biegnet Tea & Coffee (in the old Fuddrucker’s building).

Enjoying my first Bubble Tea in Victoria BC Canada

6 thoughts on “Bubble Tea

  1. There is a bubble tea place in the Crossroads Mall in Bellevue called Boba Express. They also serve bubble tea at the Pho Hoa Noodle place on NE 24th Street in Redmond.

  2. We call it boba tea in Los Angeles. Some of my favorite places are Boba Paradise (Torrance) or Tapioca Express (Irvine). Thanks for the information. Now I know where to send my mom in CS.

  3. I’ll have to check out both those places! Thanks for the info, I’ll be heading there soon, and I really Love boba tea. I usually go to Fusion Bubble Tea (Vancouver, Wa) and so far I love it! Their boba are perfect too, sweet and chewy.

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