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Between high school and college (at Texas A&M Univ.), I spent a year in Sandpoint, Idaho, working on a national biomedical smart card system. My Dad was working for a sister company at the same time on a portable home cholesterol monitor which interfaced with the smart card. The company, Lifestream, filed for a US Patent on the cholestoral monitor and medical tracking system and it was granted.

It was a great experience working with smart cards and creating a medical record tracking system. Smart cards at the time were desined for financial purposes, so it was a fun challange to create a flexible system on the cards for medical data. The smart card inserts into portable medical devices, like the cholesterol meter, glucose monitors, blood pressure cuffs, etc. Requiring the user’s PIN, the medical device gets data from the smart card, saves its results to the card, then the user puts the card into a PC to save and analyse the data.

My Dad recently gave me this plaque to commemorate the patent being issued. Thanks Dad!

The plaque my Dad sent me to memorialize our accomplishment.

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  1. Hi Noah,

    This is GREAT! It took me 32 years to get my first but you just got a jump-start! I am so glad we are able to share your first.

    Congratulations! Keep it up!

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