SerialPort (RS-232 Serial COM Port) in C# .NET

.NET has a great class called SerialPort (MSDN reference) part of .NET 2.0 and is freely available in C# Express on MSDN. It is easy to use.  Here’s how… BTW, this article is about communicating through the PC’s Serial COM RS-232 port using Microsoft .NET 2.0 or later by using the System.IO.Ports.SerialPort class. If you’re looking for USB info, see here.   Example Application & Sample Code: SerialPort Terminal Prerequisites: You will need Microsoft .NET 3.5 to run the app.  It is installed as part of the regular Windows Updates (make sure your computer is fully up to date, see … Continue reading SerialPort (RS-232 Serial COM Port) in C# .NET

Ballmer Dancing Developers Conference Video

At one of the developer conferences (late 90s, early 2000s?), Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, came out on stage saying ‘Developers’ over 15 times before his voice went out. Being a developer myself, I think this is cool. At the Microsoft company meeting that followed, I remember talk among us employees whether he was going to come out on stage saying another word repeatedly (he didn’t that time). Here they are… Ballmer Saying ‘Developers’ Repeatedly Ballmer Excited at Another Conference Remix of the Two Video Clips w/ MusicThis is really cool! In a geeky way… <!– –>

Ballmer Sells Windows v1.0 TV Video Ad

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, can be seen here in an early days of Microsoft in this TV ad selling Windows v1.0. It is a facinating, and entertaining, video. Get a load of the 286 computer w/ IBM EGA monitor! Wow, that brings back memories… The ‘card filer’ could use some sample data, it isn’t clear what it does here. Looks like the control panel was a bit small in those days. Hehe, I actually remember trying out Reversi. 🙂