Helping People Search the Interweb

Ever get questions from friends or family that could be easily answered if they just did a Google search (or Bing)?  For example, have you ever received an email forward from someone asking "hey, if I really forward this email will Bill Gates track it and send me $514,000?" or someone asks "how do I use a TypeConverter"? "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you feed him for life."  Sure you could be polite and give the answer straight up, but isn’t it the morally responsible thing to help … Continue reading Helping People Search the Interweb

Using XAML for Custom Object Graphs

XAML is best known for its use with WPF/Silverlight, but the XAML parser is also a powerful generic serialize/deserialize tool for many .NET object graphs.  For example, XAML is used for Windows Workflow (WF).  This post will show a basic example and some tips to use XAML parsing in your own code. Tips to Watch Out For If you put a .xaml file in your VS project, be sure to set it’s "Build" property to "None" (from the default of "Page").  If you don’t VS will cause a build error on the XAML line where your assembly is defined. … Continue reading Using XAML for Custom Object Graphs

Tweet from SlickRun

There are many launchers out there, but my favorite by far is SlickRun.  Here’s how to post a twitter status update straight from SlickRun.  This way even without a web browser open or a dashboard app, you can always do a quick little tweet. Get SlickRun & cURL (a little cmd app to send HTTP requests) "setup" from SlickRun Add an entry called "tweet"… Where Filename or URL = path to curl.exe (I put mine in a directory referenced by the tools environment variable) Parameters = -u <username>:<password> -d "status=$W$" Of course there are some real drawbacks to doing … Continue reading Tweet from SlickRun