Helping People Search the Interweb

google-cartoon-01[1] Ever get questions from friends or family that could be easily answered if they just did a Google search (or Bing)?  For example, have you ever received an email forward from someone asking "hey, if I really forward this email will Bill Gates track it and send me $514,000?" or someone asks "how do I use a TypeConverter"?

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you feed him for life."  Sure you could be polite and give the answer straight up, but isn’t it the morally responsible thing to help them learn how to find answers for themselves?  Most the time you can type the question verbatim into Google and get an answer as a top result.  So here are some handy tools…

Let Me Google That For You,
Go there now.  Type a search.  It creates a link that you can then share (email, IM, etc) that animates someone doing a Google search for the phase to show them just how easy it really is.  (thanks for JD Wallace for ‘teaching me to fish’ with this site)


Just F** Google It
If they’re just not getting the hint, here is a backup plan.

Question for you… 
so do you get people asking questions easily answered with a quick Google Search?  What do you tell them?

One thought on “Helping People Search the Interweb

  1. More often I get questions that can be answer on wikipedia.

    So my standard answer is “I don’t know did you check wikipedia?”

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