DiscountASP.NET for Outstanding Web Hosting

I’ve been using for the last five years for hosting my website,, and it has been as smooth, easy, and elegant as one could hope for.  The company is as good as it gets in my opinion when it comes to service, value, and their offerings.  In full disclosure, they have provided some of my hosting for free for the last few years due to community participation.  They have a real interest in supporting the ASP.NET community.  The reason I’m writing this post though is because I really believe in their product.  I also have a few paid … Continue reading DiscountASP.NET for Outstanding Web Hosting

PI in the Bible

Here’s an old article I put together while in college that was worth reviving… An Analysis of π in the Bible Overview Mathematics is the one truly universal language as it spans time and space.  We find in the Hebrew Bible that there is a mathematical anomaly involving PI that is remarkably simple and accurate. At 1 Kings 7:23 there is a unique spelling of an otherwise common word.  It is the word circumference, translated “line”, and is usually spelled with two Hebrew letters.  But in this case it is spelled with an extra third letter. “And he made a … Continue reading PI in the Bible

PC Pet Peeves: Kill the "Reply" Email Button

Death to the email "Reply" button!!  Long live "Reply All"!! One of the more frustrating behaviors I find in the online world is when people click "Reply" to an email instead of "Reply to All" (or whatever is similar on their email app).  Why clicking "Reply" is a bad habit is that usually other email addresses on the email that need to be kept in the loop are dropped. When I joined Microsoft I was in such a bad habit of clicking the Reply button that I removed it entirely from the Outlook toolbar (right-click on the toolbar, choose Customize, … Continue reading PC Pet Peeves: Kill the "Reply" Email Button

Reset the Visual Studio Toolbox

div.codebox {margin: 0px; padding-left: 0.75em; background: #edefff;} div.codebox pre {padding-top: 0.75em; padding-bottom: 0.75em; font-size: 1em;} Ever have a problem where controls disappear from the Toolbox?  For example, I just installed a 3rd party WPF control set, used the controls, closed VS, reopened VS, and they were gone from the Toolbox. How the Toolbox Works At first initialization Visual Studio queries each package installed to see if it provides toolbox controls.  If it does, VS asks for a set of metadata on each control and caches this data.  Then on subsequent loads it uses the cached data (also checks for new … Continue reading Reset the Visual Studio Toolbox

Dropbox, Easy File Sharing and More

Dropbox is a file sync app that installs a lightweight client on your PC, monitors a "My Dropbox" folder on your drive, and automatically syncs files in that folder online and to any other computer you have Dropbox installed on.  It also makes sharing files with family, friends, co-workers, projects, etc super easy. There are plenty of other similar file sync apps, ones I’ve tried are Microsoft Live Mesh, ZumoDrive, and some of these others.  I’ve found all these either feel ‘heavy weight’, are tricky to use, or have some other annoyance.  Dropbox just beats them all hands down for … Continue reading Dropbox, Easy File Sharing and More