Reset the Visual Studio Toolbox

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VisualStudioToolboxControls Ever have a problem where controls disappear from the Toolbox?  For example, I just installed a 3rd party WPF control set, used the controls, closed VS, reopened VS, and they were gone from the Toolbox.

How the Toolbox Works

At first initialization Visual Studio queries each package installed to see if it provides toolbox controls.  If it does, VS asks for a set of metadata on each control and caches this data.  Then on subsequent loads it uses the cached data (also checks for new packages w controls).  Sometimes this cached data can get corrupted.

How to Fix It

From the command prompt, run this command.  It deletes the toolbox cache data.  The files are normally hidden.  Then next time VS loads it’ll take awhile to load as it reinitializes the Toolbox by querying packages and repopulating the cache.

For Visual Studio 2008

del "%LocalAppData%\Microsoft\VisualStudio\9.0\*.tbd"

For Visual Studio 2010

del "%LocalAppData%\Microsoft\VisualStudio\10.0\*.tbd"

This may not fix all problems, like if a package actually won’t load for another reason, but it has fixed my issues so maybe it’ll help you too.

6 thoughts on “Reset the Visual Studio Toolbox

  1. even by doing this
    my toolbox is not getting enabled its still disabled..
    i hav even uninstalled third party software too

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