DiscountASP.NET for Outstanding Web Hosting

DiscountASP.NET Logo I’ve been using for the last five years for hosting my website,, and it has been as smooth, easy, and elegant as one could hope for.  The company is as good as it gets in my opinion when it comes to service, value, and their offerings. 

In full disclosure, they have provided some of my hosting for free for the last few years due to community participation.  They have a real interest in supporting the ASP.NET community.  The reason I’m writing this post though is because I really believe in their product.  I also have a few paid accounts (w/ no discounts) for my other companies.  All of them use DiscountASP.NET because I believe it is the best web hosting choice.

If you give them a try, please use this referral link.  thanks

Here are some of my favorite aspects of DiscountASP.NET…

  • Easy and Fully Integrated Control Panel
    Some companies use off the shelf web-based management tools, or feel fragmented with different sites/tools for different services (eg:  DiscountASP.NET has a one-stop-shop integrated management system where everything from billing, permission management, email addresses, database setup, etc… all at your fingertips with a very easy to use interface.  Stuff like usernames, passwords, URLs, SQL credentials, connection strings, are all very obvious.

    I’ll say this has been probably been my #1 favorite aspect of the service.  They’ve spoiled me.  I’ve had to manage other hosing systems which may be relatively straight forward, but are just a pain in comparison.  They also have a Control Panel demo so you can see it.

  • Microsoft SQL and SQL Express Databases
    Just drop a .mdb for SQL Express like database access, or pay a reasonable little more for dedicated SQL Server database.  You may say ‘what about the free MySQL’?  Well dropping a .mdb file in your project is also a free option and has better .NET support.
  • Grow as You Go
    Honestly most hosting providers these days have good ‘grow-as-you-go’ plans that let you start out small and add on as need be, but I’ve noticed (and it must be because they’re good guys) that they’re plans are particularly reasonable.  You can start out with a small plan and add services ala-cart as need be, or move to a larger package plan, whatever works.
  • Free SSL
    They have a number of secure SSL certificates you can use for HTTPS, with a free cert to start out with.  All are easy to configure and just snap in.
  • Latest .NET & SQL Versions
    DiscountASP.NET is always right on top of the latest versions of the .NET Framework, ASP.NET, MVC, SQL, etc.  When a product is in beta, they have a free sandbox site you can work with.  Then when the product goes live, within a day or two you have the free option of upgrading your site to the latest.
  • Outstanding Support
    The support system is simple and engineers get back to you fast.  They’re KB system is a wealth of info and they have active community forums.

They’re also highly decorated with plenty of hosting award year-over-year.  So if you’re looking for an ASP.NET hosting solution, give DiscountASP.NET a good serious look (go ahead, just try them out).

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