Lego PDA Digital Photo Frame

One of the little gadgets I’ve wanted ever since getting a digital camera is an LCD Digital Photo Display. This is a unit that sits on the desk and cycles through photos. They typically cost a pretty penny, so using my PDA as the display unit, I built a little adjustable stand out of spare Legos to make my own! The gear on the back adjusts the display angle. The HP comes with photo viewing software that runs a slideshow of pics of my fiance. 🙂 The stand holds the PDA on its side at a good viewing angle. The … Continue reading Lego PDA Digital Photo Frame

VSTS Enterprise Dev and Test (eDT) Tools Public Chat

Join the Visual Studio Team System (VSTS)’s Enterprise Developer and Test (eDT) Tools team at Microsoft in an online MSDN Chat!  We will be focusing on the tools: Static Code Analysis (FxCop, PREfast), Dynamic Analysis (Profiler, Code Coverage), and Testing (Unit, Manual, Web, Load, etc).  Experts from the development, testing, and program management teams at Microsoft will be available during these two chats to answer questions. When & Where:Wednesday, January 12th, 2005 @ 5:30pm (PST), Add to CalendarThursday, January 13th, 2005 @ 8:00am (PST), Add to CalendarMSDN Chats: – The Enterprise Dev and Test Tools Team

Fun Weekend

This was a fun weekend w/ my fiance, Dawn, visiting from Texas! Here is a recap I wrote for a friend in an e-mail… Yeah, I had a great weekend. The Highlights: Dawn was in town!! She was visiting all weekend, whoop! This is what gave me inspiration for everything else this weekend. Wrote three kick-ass little C# apps, each within two dozen lines of code.– AnagramGetter solves anagram puzzles using a website and using multithreading from the ThreadPool.– ClearTextSelection, with a single keystroke, removes the annoying text formatting that occurs when trying to copy and paste.– ExportTasks prints a … Continue reading Fun Weekend

Engaged to an Angel

The ProposalOn July 23rd, I proposed to the most wonderful young lady I’ve ever met … and she agreed to marry me! My fiance, Dawn Heussner, and I have been dating for over three years now and I just can’t imagine my life going on without her. She has been a blessing, an inspiration, and a great comfort. I really look forward to having her with me all the time!! The PlanSo we’re getting married in April!! Then my precious will be with me, permenantly. She’s still in Texas teaching orchestra at two middle schools while I’m up in Seattle … Continue reading Engaged to an Angel

Back from the Void

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve dropped out of the blogging scene lately, just so much going on! This doesn’t mean I’ve stopped thinking of blog topics, in fact, I have quite an extensive list of subjects to write on. Well this post is a good indicator that… I’m back! 🙂 Life @ Microsoft These past four months I’ve been working as a Program Manager (okay, see if you can follow this) on Process Guidance Integration, within Enterprise Development and Test (eDT), within Visual Studio Team System (VSTS), within Visual Studio, within Developer Division, within Server Platforms and Tools, within … Continue reading Back from the Void

Moving to Microsoft

Joining the RanksWell I’ve taken the red pill, gone blue card, lost my MVP status, been assimilated into the collective, and joined Microsoft! I am now a Program Manager on Visual Studio Team System. On to WashingtonOn Friday (July 7th) my girlfriend, Dawn, and I flew up to Seattle Washington First Class (Delta) curtesy of Microsoft! The same day we looked around the gorgeous Microsoft campus and met up with my team for a quick visit. Saturday we settled into temporary corporate housing in beautiful Bellevue Washington. Today (Tuesday) will be my New Employee Orientation (NEO) and my first official … Continue reading Moving to Microsoft

Official Forum Flame Form

<lol> This is hilarious! 🙂 Here is a simple check off list for flaming forums. I’m not a flamer, but I’ve got to try using this sometime when it would be appropriate. The checks are from its original post. Official Forum Flame ============================================== Dear: [ ] Clueless Newbie [X] Loser [ ] Spammer [ ] Nerd [ ] Vet [X] Other: Troll You Are Being Flamed Because [ ] You bumped a thread from the last page. [ ] You started an off-topic thread. [ ] You posted a “YOU ALL SUCK” message. [ ] You don’t know which forum … Continue reading Official Forum Flame Form

Reverse Enum Lookup

Sometimes you may have the string name of an enumeration identifier, and want its enum type. For example, you write a enum identifier as a string to a file and want to read it back and obtain the original enumeration type. This takes place when you serialize a class to an XML file and deserialize it back using XmlSerializer. private enum Direction {North, South, East, West}; private Direction ParseDirection(string name) { return (Direction) Enum.Parse(typeof(Direction), name, true); }

Obtaining Indented XML as a String

Using XmlDocument.Save(string file) produces a file with nicely indented elements. XmlDocument.OuterXml returns a string without any formatting. If you want a nicely formatted string (to display to the user, write to console, etc), without directly writing to a file, you must use the XmlTextWriter. The using statements in the method makes sure the resorces are disposed of sooner than later. Here is the code to return a string of formatted XML from an XmlDocument. Download Example Code (requires Visual Studio 2005) using System.IO; using System.Xml; public static string FormatXML(XmlDocument doc) { // Create a stream buffer that can be read … Continue reading Obtaining Indented XML as a String