Tweet from SlickRun

There are many launchers out there, but my favorite by far is SlickRun.  Here’s how to post a twitter status update straight from SlickRun.  This way even without a web browser open or a dashboard app, you can always do a quick little tweet. Get SlickRun & cURL (a little cmd app to send HTTP requests) "setup" from SlickRun Add an entry called "tweet"… Where Filename or URL = path to curl.exe (I put mine in a directory referenced by the tools environment variable) Parameters = -u <username>:<password> -d "status=$W$" Of course there are some real drawbacks to doing … Continue reading Tweet from SlickRun

Well Formatted Blog, Can’t Directly Copy from MS Word

Wow!  Well I just had to go back through all my posts and repost them all.  It seams that one can not directly copy and paste from a Microsoft Word document to achieve a nicely formatted blog.   Invalid XML code is the end result causing the RSS feed to break.  This not only affects my blog’s feed, but also the main feed.   Thanks to Miha Markic for pointing this out quickly before I had posted much more than the first 10 initial posts!!   I’ve spent much time checking and rechecking the RSS feed and it … Continue reading Well Formatted Blog, Can’t Directly Copy from MS Word

JScript XML Data Access

“Random Vocabulary Word.js”   This simple JScript demonstrates just how easy it is to access data from an XML file through the Windows Scripting Host and MSHTML 4.0.  You must have “Vocabulary.xml” in the same directory when running.     // Created by Noah Coad,, 4/13/04   xmlFile = “Vocabulary.xml”;   var xml = new ActiveXObject(“MSXML2.DOMDocument.4.0”); xml.validateOnParse = false; xml.async = false; xml.load(xmlFile);   if (xml.parseError.errorCode != 0)    WScript.Echo(“XML Parse Error : ” + xml.parseError.reason); else {    var root = xml.documentElement;    var oNodeList = root.childNodes;      // Select a random word    var rnd = … Continue reading JScript XML Data Access