Your Web Password Will Be Leaked

One of the big internet media companies (Gawker Media) had a their user database of usernames and passwords leaked this weekend, including one of my favorite sites  I hope none of my dear readers usernames or passwords were leaked (like mine was), but it goes as a lesson that this could happen to anyone.  The lesson to be learned is: don’t use the same password on multiple sites and when creating a password, use a strong password, containing letters, numbers, symbols, or is really long (>20 characters).  "Pass phrases" are best like "letsgetsomeicecream" or at least multiple words like … Continue reading Your Web Password Will Be Leaked

Microsoft Office for Students

Here are some ways students (college, high school, etc) can get Microsoft Office or similar apps for a deep discount.  My sister is a student and was asking how she could get discounts on Microsoft Word so here’s a quick guide. Office Professional Academic At the time I’m writing this Microsoft is offering Office 2010 Professional for $80 to students (college, high school, etc).  This is the same thing as the Pro version, but licensed only to students for academic (as opposed to commercial) use.  It includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access.  If you have an email … Continue reading Microsoft Office for Students

The Ever Shrinking Wallet

My wallet is small.  Friends’ wallets are getting smaller.  Years back I was using an wallet insert (pictured here); and now you can get thin wallets like this by themselves.  Wallets are shrinking themselves into oblivion. Today my wallet contains just these three things: Driver’s License Payment Card (VISA Check/Debit/ATM) My company’s product, a LifeNexus Personal Health Card My company’s goal is to be able to combine payment cards with our Personal Health Card (PHC), so that’ll reduce the number down to two.  My last six years at Microsoft, instead of the PHC I had my Microsoft ID, again just … Continue reading The Ever Shrinking Wallet

PI in the Bible

Here’s an old article I put together while in college that was worth reviving… An Analysis of π in the Bible Overview Mathematics is the one truly universal language as it spans time and space.  We find in the Hebrew Bible that there is a mathematical anomaly involving PI that is remarkably simple and accurate. At 1 Kings 7:23 there is a unique spelling of an otherwise common word.  It is the word circumference, translated “line”, and is usually spelled with two Hebrew letters.  But in this case it is spelled with an extra third letter. “And he made a … Continue reading PI in the Bible

Ballmer Dancing Developers Conference Video

At one of the developer conferences (late 90s, early 2000s?), Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, came out on stage saying ‘Developers’ over 15 times before his voice went out. Being a developer myself, I think this is cool. At the Microsoft company meeting that followed, I remember talk among us employees whether he was going to come out on stage saying another word repeatedly (he didn’t that time). Here they are… Ballmer Saying ‘Developers’ Repeatedly Ballmer Excited at Another Conference Remix of the Two Video Clips w/ MusicThis is really cool! In a geeky way… <!– –>

Ballmer Sells Windows v1.0 TV Video Ad

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, can be seen here in an early days of Microsoft in this TV ad selling Windows v1.0. It is a facinating, and entertaining, video. Get a load of the 286 computer w/ IBM EGA monitor! Wow, that brings back memories… The ‘card filer’ could use some sample data, it isn’t clear what it does here. Looks like the control panel was a bit small in those days. Hehe, I actually remember trying out Reversi. 🙂

Congrats to Jeffrey Palermo, MCAD

Congratulations to my friend Jeffrey Palermo on becoming a Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD)! Jeff’s making great progress on his MS certifications and is headed towards a MCSD & MCT.

US Patent Plaque

Between high school and college (at Texas A&M Univ.), I spent a year in Sandpoint, Idaho, working on a national biomedical smart card system. My Dad was working for a sister company at the same time on a portable home cholesterol monitor which interfaced with the smart card. The company, Lifestream, filed for a US Patent on the cholestoral monitor and medical tracking system and it was granted. It was a great experience working with smart cards and creating a medical record tracking system. Smart cards at the time were desined for financial purposes, so it was a fun challange … Continue reading US Patent Plaque

Bubble Tea

My new favorite treat! Bubble tea is a tasty flavored drink with tapioca pearls in it. Also known as Pearl Tea, the drink comes in a flavored ice slush, milk shake, or tea form, but what really makes it is the squishy tapioca balls! At first glance, it may look strange since the tapioca is colored black (I think so you can see it since all my tapioca is opaque white to clear), and it looks funny going up the thick straw, but it is fun. 🙂 The best bubble tea in Seattle I’ve found is at Yunnie Bubble Tea … Continue reading Bubble Tea

Microsoft Coding Guidelines

Brad Abrams posted Microsoft’s Internal Coding Guidelines. This is a good read! I’d agree with most everything there. I see a lot of Microsoft code and it sure is good to have consistancy. One thing I differ with, is that personally, I really like not using braces {} for single command blocks (ex: if (x == 2) return false;). When grouping simular members, instead of just // comments, I use #region directives (ex: #region Property Variables … #endregion). Thanks to Jeffrey Palermo for posting about this.