Content Deployment Wizard updated – Release 1.0

I’ve released a new version of the Content Deployment Wizard today, labelled as ‘Release 1.0’. This release adds only minor changes to beta 2, and is mainly intended to pave the way for a future beta release which will contain new functionality. However I also want to communicate that the current codebase is now stable, since I heard feedback from some folks saying the ‘beta’ label was putting some people off (e.g. non-technical clients of SharePoint consultants).

That said, the following minor updates have been incorporated:

  • ability to modify which lists are filtered out of the treeview:

    Certain ‘system’-type lists are not shown in the treeview as they are generally not relevant to import/export operations, but on occasion you may want to ‘unhide’ some lists e.g. ‘Variation Labels’ and ‘Relationships List’ lists if you are using variations. See the readme.txt file for instructions on how to do this

  • minor bug fixes e.g. .cmp file now correctly saved with extension if a period (.) is present in your chosen filename, validation to prevent child objects being added from treeview when parent site collection already added

The new version can be downloaded from

Future development

Work is underway on the next release of the Wizard, with the main emphasis being on:

  • allowing import/export operations to be scripted
  • allowing settings used in an operation to be saved to a file for easy reuse
  • support for incremental deployments (hopefully!)

If you have other suggestions, I can’t guarantee I can include them in the next release but I’d certainly be interested to hear.

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