Received MVP award for SharePoint!

Had notification from Microsoft today that I’m now a SharePoint MVP 🙂

This is great news, I’m really thrilled to be recognized for the community stuff I’ve done over the past year, and personally I know I’ve been impressed by the work of so many existing SharePoint MVPs, so it’s a big honor to be part of that group. I’m particularly grateful to the people who nominated me, thanks guys. It was weird having to look back to fill in the spreadsheet MS ask you to complete to be considered for MVP – I guess some of the key highlights for me were:

I guess I’ll enjoy putting the MVP image on my blog etc., but the biggest reward is without doubt when someone leaves a positive comment or mentions in person that they’ve found the articles or tools useful – I’m never sure if people realize how much this is listened to. Anyway, I’m busy on the next version of the Wizard and some other articles, so you’ll hear a lot more from me in the future.

Still a long way to go until I’m Andrew Connell or any number of the others though 😉

P.S. Great to hear my mate Vince received it as well, definitely well deserved..


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