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Bye Bye Blackberry (Hello iPhone)

Yesterday, I became a happy iPhone 4 user. The following tells it all, sung to the tune of “Bye Bye Blackbird”
Back up Outlook files and so
leaving RIM, here I go
Bye Bye Blackberry

Where a better phone waits for me
Syncs so fine with MobileMe
Bye Bye Blackberry
RIM gave no love to Outlook 2010, see
And to their beta they did not invite me
The iPhone 4 was slick and bright
The Apple staff was really nice
Bye Bye Blackberry
Signal is strong on AT&T
I”d tested my iPad with 3G
Bye Bye Blackberry
No one at RIM would engage me,
Or give out info that would help me,
(Oh oh oh oh)
Made my choice, quit that fight,
iPhone”s working great tonight,
Blackberry, BYE BYE