MS, I’m *Paying* for Office Live, How about some Priority on the new Push Active Sync. Geeze

Wow, after waiting all this time for PUSH email for my Office Live enabled domain on Hotmail (hey MS, I pay you for this, it isn’t a FREE Hotmail account). I read that Active Sync for iPxxx devices is available. But the service is so busy that you won’t accept my sign up. Did you guys ever think about giving PAYING Office Live customers some kind of break?

Hello barb bowman,

To get Hotmail on-the-go, you recently tried to set up a service called ActiveSync from your mobile device.

We are really glad that you”re interested, but we had so many sign-ups that we had to temporarily stop accepting new ones.

We”re making constant improvements and we should be accepting new requests fairly soon. Please check the following website in about two weeks to see what”s happening:

Thanks again for using Hotmail–we”re really sorry about this delay.

The Hotmail Team

Apple treats me better!!!!