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WX Channel iPad App Interacts with TV While You Watch

I’ve just had a game changing entertainment experience. I love watching shows in HD about nature, geography, especially those that feature striking photography that adds to my knowledge of the physical world around me. The Weather Channel has launched a show called From the Edge with Peter Lik and it is available both in HD and SD. And  WX has simultaneously launched a companion iPad app (FREE) that, like some of the music apps previously available that can listen to music that is playing and identify it, listens to each show as you watch it (Live/Recorded/On Demand) and then download and displays related content to augment the viewing experience.



Tuned in and watching the first recorded episode of this show on my TV.



the iPad app is listening and syncing/downloading content. Note that other info about the current show and the upcoming episode in the series is also available.



The app is a great education experience for kids and adults alike with instructional quizzes and FAQs.



Notes from the field about this episode showed the dangers of producing a show in an unpredictable environment.


Kudos to everyone at the Weather Channel for the vision to offer a multimedia experience spanning devices in real time. I hope this is the beginning of a new era. We’ve come along way since Former FCC Chariman Newton Minnow’s famous “Vast Wasteness” 1961 speech.