Windows 8 – Liking the People App

I’ve been having mixed feelings about Windows 8 on a desktop. I hate the navigation using mouse and keyboard and dislike the stark switch between Metro and the classic desktop when I start a classic app from the Metro Start menu. It is jarring to say the least.


I do love the idea of Live Tiles and the constantly updating information, although I don’t think it is suitable for privacy reasons when your device is in a public place. Yes, I know you can turn off a Live tile, but then what is the point.. I don’t want my email and other personal stuff shared only with friends on Facebook seen by passers by.


With respect to the Metro App “previews”, I am disappointed with the incompleteness and buginess of the various media apps – Music – Photos – Video. And as far as Metro’s Mail App goes, the omission of IMAP and POP connectivity is troubling. It is unclear if this is just unfinished or a design decision.


The app I like the best (though it needs work) is the People app. It does seem to bring everything together seamlessly. I wish you could add social networks without connecting them to a Microsoft/Live ID. This could be a Flipboard for Windows type app if the user could add all types of networks and RSS feeds.


I love the way People displays images in What’s New.




And I also like the way individual Facebook posts are displayed with comments and likes, along with the ability to post a comment.




I haven’t figured out how to post a NEW entry/status update/photo to Facebook/Twitter from this app. This feature needs to be added.