Windows 8.1

Use WLPG in Win 8.1 to display images from NAS in Photos App


I’ve been frustrated, as have many others, with the inability of the Photos App in Windows 8.1 and the Libraries to recognize and use images stored on Linux based NAS boxes.  So what’s the hack? Install Windows Live Photo Gallery and add your NAS based folders to the library from within WLPG. This  hack that will supply some relief for x86 users (but not RT users since WLPG can’t be installed on ARM based systems, etc.).


The frustrating experience “as is” on Windows 8.1 results in “This network location can’t be included because it is not indexed”, as shown below.


Here are the steps you need to take to enable Linux NAS based images to appear in the 8.1 Photos App.


First, install Windows Live Photo Gallery and open it.


Second, using WLPG right click Pictures under All photos and videos and then select Manage Pictures Library.



Third, click Add



Fourth, browse to the folder on your NAS box you want to include and then select Include folder. In the example below, lighthouse jpgs is the folder that has been selected.



Fifth, no errors, no warnings, no nastigrams. The Linux based NAS folder can be added successfully. Click OK to close the window.




Sixth, confirm that your images display inside the Windows Live Photo Gallery browser.




Finally! Open the Windows 8.1 Photos App and view your Linux NAS based photos.



Note: Sadly, there will be no folder hierarchy and only the individual images are displayed on the main screen. It may take a few minutes for the new main Photos App screen to populate, but if you can accept the flattened, non hierarchical view,you are further ahead than before you experimented with this kludge.