Windows 8.1

Jawbone UP24 Firmware Update Doubles Battery Life to Last 14 Days


It’s probably not coincidental that on the day Apple is expected to announce details of their health and fitness platform and probably some tie in with the Mayo Clinic, if rumors are to be believed, that the Jawbone folks launched a firmware update that doubles the battery life of their latest generation fitness band, the UP24 from 7 days to 14 days (according to their marketing claims).

The front page on the Jawbone blog simply states:

 14 days


You’ll need to head over to (there’s a ink to the Mac updater as well) and grab the updates and run it. It’s wizard based, so just follow the prompts and you’ll see:






When the update is complete, you’ll be prompted to sync (with your iPhone as there is no Windows App) and then to completely charge your UP24.


I wish Jawbone would build a Modern Windows UI app (and I’m sure others would like a Windows Phone App. Fitbit has built a Modern UI app, and while it is a Bluetooth Sync protocol, the Fitbit dongle, a small USB thin, is required as it still doesn’t sync natively.