Awaiting Return of Velocity Micro PC with DCT(CableCARD) Upgrade

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Last week I shipped my screamer VM box back to the company for the upgrade needed to enable cable card support (and to get a few things fixed – busted USB port and screw down the hard drive cage).

I am so missing this computer but when it comes back, it will be without question the meanest, screaming-est pc on the planet.

I wrote about this great pc on another blog last year. I can”t believe how much I miss it. So c”mon guys, I”m going into screamer withdrawal.

How to get WPA2-PSK on D-Link DI-624 Rev C and many D-Link G PC Cards

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While writing a column for the Expert Zone and lamenting over the lack of WPA2–Personal (PSK) upgrades for existing hardware, I sleuthed some info that I’m going to share in this blog prior to publishing in my column.

Disclaimer (unless you live in the UK or Canada for the router piece): Do all of this at your own risk. You know, professional driver on a closed course. Results may vary.

First, if you own D-Link DWL-G650 Rev B or C cards, DWL-AG660 or the soon to be released DWL-G680, go to and get Yeah, I know it says 520. Extract it to your hard drive and run the setup program. If prompted do NOT disable WZC. Next, insert your card/select update driver, and use the have disk option to manually select the driver to install. Point at the Drivers directory where you extracted the zip file. If prompted that it is not for your hardware, etc. etc. install it anyway. Take the leap of faith.

If you have a D-Link 624 router, hardware Rev Cx, go to the D-Link UK ftp site and grab Update your router’s firmware. The firmware has all the US allowed channels and no non allowed channels. If you live in Canada,try

WPA2 enabled wireless driver for Thinkpad Owners

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There is no mention whatsoever of the new support for WPA2 in the version info/release notes for the latest mini pci driver for most newer IBM Thinkpads. But, it’s in there. Definitely and positively.
has a download for driver which enables WPA2 support for
– IBM 11abg Wireless LAN Mini PCI Adapter
– IBM 11abg Wireless LAN Mini PCI Adapter II
– IBM Dual-Band Wi-Fi Wireless Mini-PCI Adapter ( 11ab )
– IBM 11bg Wireless LAN Mini PCI adapter

for the following Thinkpad systems:

– ThinkPad G40, G41
– ThinkPad R40
– ThinkPad R50, R50p, R51, R52
– ThinkPad T40, T40p, T41, T41p, T42, T42p, T43,T43p
– ThinkPad X31,X32, X40, X41–

WPA hack for the MN-740 game adapter

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I’ve been struggling with whether or not to post the link to the information that enables you to add WPA to a Microsoft MN-740 game adapter by turning it into an unsupportable quasi D-Link DGL-3420.

As a Microsoft MVP I pursued every channel available to me for an extended period to attempt to convince MS to do the work (or contract it out) to upgtrade this device to WPA-PSK. It would not have taken a huge amount of work or effort.

As a near militant proponent of WPA to replace laughable WEP encryption, I’ve decide to post the link to the information.

Here are the disclaimers:

1. I don’t condone this hack

2. You will void your warranty

3. Microsoft won’t support you

4. I won’t support you

5. You could brick your device and have to throw it out (if you do, buy the real D-Link DGL-3420, it’s awesome)

6. Reverse engineering is illegal according to many EULA’s

7. It may not work

8. Anything else I can’t think of at the moment

9. I’m not taking responsibility

If you read this far, here’s the link,13360873