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Bad Advice from Online Journalist

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Don’t Share Your Connection to the Internet with Strangers

Don’t be fooled into running an open, non secure wireless network by David Coursey’s column

It isn’t safe, and your ISP’s terms of service probably prohibit this. And if you accidentally attach to the wrong SSID, your computer could be wide open. Securing your wireless is not optional. If you want to run a honeypot that has no DHCP server and isn’t connected to the Internet, be my guest, as long as you know what you are doing, but don’t offer unencrypted, free Internet trials.

Belkin Wireless G Routers Hijacked?

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What could they have been thinking?

Buying a G Wireless Router should be a wonderful thing. Secure, friendly. If you”ve recently purchased a Belkin wireless G router, you need to read the story on router hijacking.

It seems that every 8 hours, no matter what site you try to surf to, the router hijacks your browser and sends you to a site that offers Parental Control software (of course for more $) to help keep your kids safe.

No matter how good the add on software is, there is just no excuse for this one. I”m not likely to ever trust a company that pulls something like this.

As they say, caveat emptor.

Super G

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 .. Or Super 6?

Netgear and D-Link both have Super G 802.11g offerings out now. D-Link”s comes via an upgrade to their Atheros based products. Firmware for the DI-624 V3 router, drivers for the NICs. Packet bursting and channel bonding are available, supposedly to double the throughput to 108 Mbps.

One problem. Super 6 is hardwired to Channel 6. Can”t set the channel. In my neighborhood there are 3 others with wireless routers on 6 all interfering with each other. So I stay on Channel 1 and 11. I”d like to try out Super G, but apparently it won”t be today…