Netflix Coming to Canada, Eh?

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Some of my Canadian friends might be pleased to hear that Netflix intends to cross the border officially later this year. You can pre-register now if you are interested at

Update: if you are a Rogers customer, this may have triggered lower usage limits. CBC news is reporting that Rogers is lowering their download limits.

Here’s what you’ll see if you access the site from a Canadian IP address.


CBC news has posted info, including the fact that this will be streaming only (no DVD’s by mail). “English only to start, French to follow over time”.

I don’t know if Media Center access to Netflix for Windows 7 Canadian users will be turned on at launch, but am trying to find out.

One comment, if you are a HD snob (and I have no qualms admitting that *I* am), the content is pitiful. And the content for PC’s and Mac’s (a subset) is shameful.

Wireless Networking Gear-the Softer Side

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I”ve got this great DAP-1555 Draft 802.11n “Xtreme N Duo Mediabridge” that I use to wirelessly enable my Xbox 360. (You can buy these in pairs to add to existing networks. And if you want to use your 360 wirelessly, you”ll definitely want “N” speeds.) The device itself supports both the 2.4 and the 5.0 Ghz bands. In my wifi oversaturated neighborhood, the 5 GHz side is truly a neccessity!

My only beef was that the stark white color made the device stick out like a sore thumb. I stumbled on a page on D-Link”s web site that showed some skins for the DIR-655 router. Since the form factor for the DAP-1555 is the same, I decided to go for it. I went with a color scheme that sort of matches my Xbox 360.