Uncertified Play To works on Surface RT

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Rafael Rivera has done a lot of work on getting uncertified Play To devices to work on non RT Windows 8 devices. He’s had a great solution now for a few months. But people like me want to use their RT tablets to control their non certified devices via Play To. I’ve done it!

I am happy to say that after much registry examination, regedit testing and edits, I have succeeded in using Play To from Start Screen, Music to send media to my SONOS Play 5 on my Surface RT!1playto-on-rt

This is a biggie for me.


Screen shot above is from my Surface RT and you can see my SONOS devices (and this works).

This one is for geeks only. I’ll document it this weekend and share.

OneShot App Automates & Organizes Screen Captures for W7 PlayTo

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One of the great things about “community” is that you meet talented people virtually who come up with neat ways to enhance Windows features.


Jensigner has developed just such an add-on called OneShot which I see all kinds of interesting uses for, such as real time presentation work, education, and more. Basically this app takes screen captures of whatever is on your desktop and sends them to a folder named PlayTo, to enable you to quickly take advantage of a neat feature built into Windows 7. Open the folder, range select the images you’ve just captured and send to your PlayTo DLNA enabled TV.


To demo this, I opened my photo blog in IE9 and captured the desktop. Then, I opened the PlayTo folder and sent it to my DLNA enabled Samsung TV. Cool!

WD TV Live Hub – A Home Entertainment-DLNA Love Story

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I’ve never had a CE device that exceeded my expectations. Until now.  My Connected Home includes devices that enable me to stream media between devices on my network, but which also provoked frustration because of half implemented codec support and DLNA protocols. I thought I had true DLNA love back in July 2009 with a Samsung TV, but the lack of firmware updates for DLNA compatibility (such as support for WMA music) eventually caused me to realize it was just a summer romance. Samsung seems to abandon devices after 6 months or so, and concentrates on newer products.

Like many others, while I’d love a new DLNA certified Home Theater receiver DMR, the price range for these is currently $900+. And the Samsung TV is relatively new.

Enter the WD TV Live Hub. This >$200 little box does it all. Like many Home Theater enthusiasts looking for optimum solutions that provide Windows 7 Play To functionality, I’ve been frustrated and was not looking for an expensive solution. This is a very small box with gargantuan capabilities, including a 1TB hard drive to store your favorite media on.

wdliveproduct wd.box