Last Saturday I pulled double duty at Utah Code Camp. First, as an organizer, I was busy helping sponsors, attendees, speakers, and volunteers. I think this was the best Code Camp we’ve ever had with close to 900 attendees! Thank you to everyone that was there.

As someone that speaks at lots of code camps, I tried to look at Utah Code Camp with some impartiality, comparing this event to others. First, the lunch was outstanding. Jason’s Deli was a great choice. The venue was the best I’ve seen.

I had two sessions, the first was “Lightswitch: Visual Studio’s Hidden Secret”. You can find the slides here. The second was “Unit Testing ASP.Net MVC”. You can download the slides and demo code. Be sure to checkout my eight part blog series on MVC unit testing.

Coming up, I’ll be at Boise Code Camp on April 6 speaking on Unit Testing ASP.Net MVC.

Source: CraigBerntson