I have a couple of speaking gigs scheduled this summer.

First, I’ll be at Denver Dev Day on June 14. This is a 1/2 day event on ASP.Net. There will be two sessions during the day, so sign up for either the DenverDevDaymorning or the afternoon. My presentation will be Unit Testing ASP.Net MVC. This is a topic I’ve been doing for a year or so now, but I have some new material that I will present for the first time in Denver.

Second, I’m excited to be returning to DevLink. The first time I attended, DevLink was in Nashville. It’s now held in Chatanooga. devlinkThis year it runs August 27-29. I am preparing a new presentation, “Continuous Integration with TeamCity”. Here’s the synopsis:

In a good development process you check in your code often, sometimes multiple times per day. But what happens to that code once you’ve checked it in? With Continuous Integration or CI, that code is pulled from version control, compiled, unit tested, and more. In this session you will learn how to do CI with Team City. You’ll see how to configure Team City to do a complete build and test of your code and provide feedback to the team. You will learn – What is Continuous Integration and why should you care – How to configure Team City to pull code from version control – The difference between integration, daily, weekly, and other builds – What are artifacts and where they are stored – How to get feedback to your team.

I use TeamCity daily at work and am currently setting up Continuous Delivery with it. I don’t think I’ll have to get that far in this presentation, but if I touch on it, I will.

I hope to see you at one of these events.

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