Quality control

Yesterday I spoke at Utah Code Camp. The presentation is named “Healthy Code, Happy Code”. In this session, I discuss things you can do to ensure your code is healthy, other than running it.

Today I came across the results of a survey done by Smart Bear Software, a company that sells software for conducting code reviews. The survey, conducted earlier this year, had input from over 600 software professionals across 30 industries.

One question was “What do you believe is the number one thing a company can do to improve code quality?” 27.4 % of respondents said Code Reviews. In second place was Unit Testing with 18.7%.

Further, 90% said that the biggest benefit of code reviews was improved software quality.

This data reinforces the important point I make in the presentation. I’ll be incorporating the survey results for the next time I do this presentation next month at Nebraska.Code.

There are more interesting results in the survey. Check them out. And happy code reviews.