Prescribed MSCRM Pacthes and Hot Fixes (From my CRM Knowledge Base)

I install the following patches and hot fixes on all the Microsoft CRM implementations we manage. This article also demostrates the functionality of the CRM Knowlege Base and is infact a copy of the KB I maintain for my company. As I update my internal KB I’ll post the update here.

Prescribed Patches for a Microsoft CRM Server Installation

Purpose & Scope
The following Updates and HotFixes should be applied to all Microsoft CRM V1.2 installations.
Prerequisites & Initial Conditions

Microsoft CRM v1.2 is installed.


Install the following Updates and Hotfixes in the order listed.

  • (2005-03-28) KB870635 – Microsoft Business Solutions CRM update for Windows XP Service Pack 2
  • (2005-03-28) KB837059 – Update to Microsoft Business Solutions CRM 1.2 to add Coordinated Universal Time +1200 to timezone list
  • (2005-03-28) KB840934 – Microsoft Business Solutions CRM version 1.2 update for 839153, 839159, and 839162
  • (2005-03-28) KB841562 – Microsoft Business Solutions CRM 1.2 hotfix for 839163 and 835306
  • (2005-03-28) KB886355 – Microsoft CRM 1.2 Hotfix Rollup for 840058, 841648, 843172, 870575, 888004, 888005, and 888006
  • (2005-04-19) KB892949 – Microsoft CRM Update Rollup 1 for Microsoft CRM Sales for Outlook 1.2 (Note this role up addresses a lot of server side bugs too.)
Additional Comments
Last updated 4/22/2005

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